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Halo Laser Treatment

Most of us like our faces, and don’t really want to change them! But that doesn’t mean we love and embrace every wrinkle, scar, and blemish that lands on our skin. If you’ve been noticing new lines and wrinkles with each birthday, or fighting what feels like a losing battle against acne or scars, there is a solution.

Halo laser treatment is the latest cutting-edge technique in laser skin resurfacing, recommended for both acne scar treatment and wrinkle treatment. The Halo difference is ideal for those who are eager to restore their face to its absolute best appearance—not for anyone else, but for the sake of their own confidence. Here’s how it works.

The Halo technology

Halo Laser Treatment blends the best of both laser worlds, using the hybrid technology of an ablative laser and a non-ablative laser. This hybrid technique allows cosmetic surgeons to create coagulation in carefully controlled zones, to precisely chosen depths into the dermis. This process stimulates new collagen, the backbone of smooth, healthy, youthful skin. It also fractionally vaporizes or ablates micro laser channels right into the epidermis, that outer layer. This is the part that improves the texture and tone of the skin. The entire process is quick and easy, especially in comparison to other options, and requires less downtime.

As you get older—even when you’re still fairly young!—the collagen in the skin breaks down naturally and the body produces less and less of it. Halo addresses this problem with its treatment of the deeper layer of your skin. If you’ve got blemishes, acne, scars, and other issues that are more toward the surface, or if aging is causing your pores to go slack and look larger, the surface treatment of the epidermis really changes those unwanted textures and tones. Even areas of hyper-pigmentation can be addressed with the Halo Laser Treatment.

The day of your treatment

Once you’ve chosen the Halo laser treatment for your laser skin resurfacing process and consulted with your cosmetic surgeon, all that’s left is to come in for your acne scar treatment or wrinkle treatment. Most practitioners will apply a topical anesthetic cream to ensure you are comfortable throughout your treatment. Once you’re numb, you’ll be ready to start.

The Halo system will be able to navigate every millimeter of your skin, taking accurate measurements of your skin’s depth. It adjusts to ensure that you’re getting treated at the right levels so you get optimal results. Most patients report nothing more than warmth or mild discomfort as they receive wrinkle treatment or acne scar treatment with the Halo system.


Naturally, every person has a unique recovery process, but in general this is very easy. Most patients experience minimal redness, and slight swelling, if any. You might feel as though you stayed out in the sun too long and got a sunburn. If you have a very sensitive area that requires extra treatment attention, such as your under eye area, it’s possible that area might feel slightly more uncomfortable to you as you recover.

On the first few days after your recovery, you might start to see tiny spots of hyper pigmentation as your treatment continues to work on your skin. They will soon disappear, as will any discomfort. After about two weeks you will really begin to see your skin’s progress, looking smoother, more radiant, and more alive. Even months later, you will still see improvement.

Final thoughts

There is no more advanced acne scar treatment or wrinkle treatment available today than Halo Laser Treatment. It is the pinnacle of next-generation laser skin resurfacing. If you have questions or are just curious about the process, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Precision. We are more than happy to answer any questions you might have about this revolutionary new process.

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