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About Dr. Jeffrey DeWeese

Jeffrey DeWeese, M.D., F.A.C.S., is a board-certified plastic surgeon and licensed physician practicing in Sacramento, California.

Dr. Jeffrey DeWeese has decades of experience caring for burn victims and patients undergoing plastic and reconstructive surgery. He understands the importance of feeling comfortable with your surgeon and works to keep you happy throughout the entire surgical process.

Dr. DeWeese’s primary concern is your safety and satisfaction. Whether you are looking to undergo cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, Dr. DeWeese will be there to help you achieve your goals.

Dr. Jeffrey DeWeese is known for his ability to connect with his patients. Throughout the process, he gets to know you on a deeper level to ensure patient comfortability and satisfaction.

Education and Training

Over the years, Dr. Jeffrey DeWeese has been educated at some of the top schools in the United States.

Case Western Reserve University 
Dr. Jeffrey DeWeese earned his Bachelor of Arts at Case Western Reserve University in 1981, where he graduated magna cum laude. He completed his junior year at Lancaster University in England as a part of their study abroad program.

Indiana University School of Medicine
Dr. Jeffrey DeWeese earned his M.D. at Indiana University School of Medicine in 1985.

Certifications and Memberships

Dr. Jeffrey DeWeese holds various certifications and memberships that keep him involved in the medical community: 


Dr. Jeffrey DeWeese has been presented with numerous awards reflecting his outstanding achievements in medicine. 

These awards include: 

  • 1990: Most Outstanding Senior Surgical Resident at Huron Hospital
  • 1986: Most Outstanding Intern at Huron Hospital 
  • 1986: Most Outstanding Surgical Resident at Huron Hospital
  • 1984: Indiana University Medical School Memorial Scholarship 
  • 1981: Phi Beta Kappa Western Reserve Scholar 
  • 1982: Lila B. Louden Academic Fellowship
  • 1984: John N. Pittman, M.D., Memorial Scholarship

Relevant Experience

For years, Dr. Jeffrey DeWeese has been committed to attending and presenting at various meetings and presentations to expand his knowledge and expertise. 

He is an advocate for the proper treatment of burn victims. 

Since 2002, he has participated in multiple live and recorded television and radio interviews promoting the importance of burn safety and prevention. In 2006, he taught advanced burn life support at a National American Burn Association meeting. He also lobbied on behalf of the American Burn Association on Capitol Hill in 2007.

Dr. DeWeese was involved in seven burn unit verification sites, the most recent as Medical Director of the Bothin Burn Unit. 

In addition to these accomplishments, Dr. Jeffrey DeWeese also attended: 

  • Past annual Western Division American Burn Association Meetings
  • National Research Symposium on the Latest Developments in the Treatments of Burns

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