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PRP Treatment Under Eyes

As we age, things can get more tiring—but not as tiring as our eyes can make it seem! That’s because under eye bags are a common affliction as we age, with mild swelling or puffiness occurring beneath the eyes, whether we’re tired or not. These under eye bags can be distressing, and with each year that passes, they get worse as the muscles that help support and lift the eyelids weaken along with the tissues surrounding the eyes. The fat deposits that support the eyes also shift with time, and can end up accumulated beneath the eyes in the lower eyelids.

All of these naturally occurring changes can cause the lower lids of the eyes to appear puffy. As fluids build up in the under eye space, the swelling that’s already forming under eye bags can get even more noticeable. Removal of under eye bags like PRP Treatment Under Eyes is nearly always a cosmetic issue, not a medical one. For troublesome persistent under eye bags, a cosmetic surgeon can describe your options to you—and fortunately, there are choices out there.

Other than Aging, What Causes Under Eye Bags?

Aging and its effects, such as the breakdown in various tissues, are a major factor that cause under eye bags. There are several other common causes that make you more likely to experience under eye bags:

  • Heredity. Your genetics or heredity are a huge factor in whether or not you have noticeable under eye bags. In fact, many people can tell that they will have under eye bags based on how the adults in their families look.
  • Allergies or dermatitis. Both allergies and dermatitis can cause under eye bags, especially if you experience symptoms such as itchiness and redness along with the typical puffiness that comes with under eye bags.
  • Fluid retention. There are many reasons your body might retain fluids: hormone levels fluctuating temporarily with your cycle, or changing permanently with age; a high salt diet; medications that encourage fluid retention, and changes in the weather, particularly hot, humid days.
  • Sleep disturbance or deprivation. Occasional disturbance in your sleep patterns or chronic sleep deprivation can cause under eye bags.

Can You Get Rid of Under Eye Bags?

Yes! But you can’t do it with cucumber slices or ice packs, or other home remedies. As to the question of “how to remove bags under eyes” once and for all, multiple courses of action are available to you. There are minimally invasive, in-office procedures and more aggressive surgical options including blepharoplasty. The best choice depends on multiple factors, and each one is unique to you. See your cosmetic surgeon face-to-face to discuss your choices, your needs, your expectations, your limitations, and your goals before you choose.

PRP for Under Eye Bags

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is a cutting-edge under eye bag treatment. It works by using your body’s natural elements to fight the appearance of bags under the eyes. During a PRP treatment, your surgeon extracts a small sample of blood from you. Your blood then gets centrifuged so the PRP can be extracted from it. PRP is rich in profound growth hormones, and other factors that promote elasticity, new collagen growth, and burning fat pockets. Once your surgeon has isolated your PRP, they inject it into under eye bag area.

The PRP procedure is most effective as a preventative measure against developing under eye bags, or for treating moderate under eye bags. It’s not as effective in severe cases. If you’re 30 or under, you’ll notice results almost immediately, and certainly within a few days. Older patients, however, may require several treatments and wait longer to see the drastic reduction in under eye bags they’re looking for.


For most patients, hyaluronic acid fillers, also called tear trough filler treatment, are an ideal choice. They offer a more appealing, non-invasive alternative that makes removal of under eye bags quick, simple, and cost effective. You can expect this treatment to provide you with a dramatic improvement, and natural-looking, instant results. Your new, beautifully rejuvenated appearance will last for up to a year.

Seeing a skilled professional for removal of under eye bags is paramount. Some people require multiple treatments, and a highly qualified surgeon can minimize unwanted side effects. You’ll also need the expert judgment of an experienced cosmetic surgeon to be sure that the treatment is right for you.

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