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A Full Face Makeover Without Surgery? 5 Reasons to Choose JUVÉDERM®

As we age, collagen production decreases, and we lose facial volume. This volume loss results in the most common signs of aging: fine lines and wrinkles, deep creases, sagging skin, and lax contours. While plastic surgery procedures like facelifts can significantly improve skin laxity and wrinkles, they cannot restore volume. Using dermal fillers, such as […]

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What Are Cosmetic “Tweakments” and Why Are They So Popular?

The world of aesthetics is changing. More people are turning away fro invasive procedures in favor of non-surgical or minimally invasive treatments that enhance natural features rather than alter them. As these “tweakments” work to rejuvenate, reinvigorate, and enhance your skin and tissues, they can be a great addition to your aesthetic care, increasing your self-satisfaction […]

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How a HydraFacial® Can Save Your Skin This Summer

3 Minute Read: Hot summer months can wreak havoc on your skin: sunburns can leave you red and peeling, excessive heat increases sweating, which can clog your pores, and even prolonged exposure to air conditioning can leave your skin feeling dry and congested.  HydraFacial® treatments combat multiple skin concerns in one session for overall improvement […]

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Going Skin Deep To Get Beautiful Skin

Laser skin resurfacing: we have all heard of this popular cosmetic treatment. But unless we have experienced it, we’re not quite sure of the process and how this treatment really benefits our skin. At Precision MD, we want to tell you more about our favorite laser resurfacing treatment— Sciton’s Micro Laser Peel. What Happens During […]

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SkinTyte™ Is For All Ages & All Areas of the Body

Many times when you think of skin tightening, you think of older women on daytime infomercials talking about the skin on their face and neck. As we age, our skin can lose collagen, become crepey, and start to sag. But did you know that those things can all happen to young people too? If you […]

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