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Are You Ready to Get Rid of Cellulite for Good? Cellfina® Can Help

Do you struggle with cellulite and dislike the way it looks on your body? Cellulite is a skin condition often associated with women—an estimated 80 to 90 percent of women experience cellulite—however, around 10 percent of men also have cellulite. There is a lot of misinformation about what causes cellulite and how to get rid of it, which can result in many people being very frustrated when they are trying and failing to remove it. 

Close-up of female body with cellulite, woman massages against cellulite with her hands.

What Causes Cellulite? 

Cellulite is a non-harmful skin condition that affects the physical appearance of one’s skin and is caused by connective bands tightening between the skin tissue. This results in the skin dimpling or having an orange-peel texture. 

While it is not necessary for overall health to treat cellulite, many people are insecure about how it changes their skin’s appearance, and will look for all kinds of methods that promise to get rid of cellulite. 

However, a common myth about cellulite is that it is excess fat, and a result of this myth is people trying to use diet and exercise as methods of getting rid of the cellulite. Diet or exercise will not work as a cellulite removal method since cellulite is not extra fat. It simply will not be removed by the same techniques with which fat can be treated. Which leads to the question—how can you get rid of cellulite? This is where Cellfina® comes into the picture. 

What Is Cellfina®? 

Cellfina® is a cellulite treatment that uses controlled subcision via a microneedle, which cuts the connective bands, which is the source causing the skin to dimple or have a bumpy texture. Cellfina® is a long-term solution to cellulite, because it is able to reduce the appearance of cellulite in the thighs, buttocks, and abdomen. The treatment is FDA-approved, minimally invasive, uses anesthetic, and usually takes less than an hour to perform. 

Benefits of Cellfina® 

The biggest benefit of Cellfina® is that it’s proven to actually get rid of cellulite, and the results last longer than any other cellulite treatment or removal method. Cellfina®  smoothes out textured skin and leaves an overall rejuvenated appearance to the treatment area. Getting Cellfina® can make patients feel more comfortable and confident in their skin. 

After receiving Cellfina® treatment, you can expect to see your initial results a few days later. The recovery process is relatively short compared to other treatments, as there is minimal pain and little to no downtime needed. Most people can immediately resume work and other typical daily activities right after getting Cellfina®. For those experiencing any lingering pain after treatment, over-the-counter medication can be used to alleviate any discomfort. 

What Treatments Can Be Paired With Cellfina®? 

Those considering Cellfina® may want to learn about other treatments that can combine to achieve your ideal desired results. People who have unwanted fat in addition to cellulite might consider getting liposuction in addition to Cellfina®. 

Other than liposuction, CoolSculpting®, SculpSure®, and Emsculpt® are common treatments paired with Cellfina®, as they are all non-invasive treatments that deal with body contouring or shaping. If you have unwanted fat or any other problems you want to treat, be sure to discuss them during your Cellfina® consultation so your doctor can make an effective recommendation on what treatments you can have for your body goals. 

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