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Going Skin Deep To Get Beautiful Skin

Laser skin resurfacing: we have all heard of this popular cosmetic treatment. But unless we have experienced it, we’re not quite sure of the process and how this treatment really benefits our skin. At Precision MD, we want to tell you more about our favorite laser resurfacing treatment— Sciton’s Micro Laser Peel.

What Happens During & Immediately After a Micro Laser Peel?

When you first enter the treatment room at Precision MD Cosmetic Surgery Center in Elk Grove, your skin will be cleaned and your eyes will be protected with safety shields. A topical numbing cream will be applied to your face. After the numbing cream has come to it’s full effect, Dr. Cuber will then position the laser handpick above the skin and hold it in place as the computer-guided scanner moved the laser beam around the treatment area. The average Micro Laser Peel Treatment lasts about 30 minutes. Patients report that the treatment causes little pain because it does not penetrate very deep into the skin. Immediately after your Micro Laser Peel Treatment you will notice a “frosty” appearance on your skin. This is the dehydrated skin that will peel away in the few days following your treatment. You may also experience skin redness and a sensation similar to a sunburn. Mild swelling does occur in some cases.

How Long Does It Take To Recover & What Should I Expect?

Depending on the depth of the Micro Laser Peel treatment, most patients can expect to return to work in three to four days. At Precision MD, our patients sometimes refer to this treatment as “The Weekend Peel”. Our staff will then recommend some of our Custom Designed Skincare products that will help your recovery go as smoothly and as quickly as possible. You will be instructed to avoid direct sun exposure until your skin is fully healed. We also recommend that you wear sunscreen and protective clothing after treatment. Micro Laser Peel patients should expect improvement in their skin’s color, texture and tone in approximately 3-4 days, or when the skin is fully healed.

Book Your Micro Laser Peel Appointment

To learn more about our favorite Micro Laser Peel treatment at Precision MD, contact us today and book an appointment at our office in Elk Grove, CA. Our experienced Staff can help answer your questions, assess your skin type, and determine if Micro Laser Peel Treatment is right for you. Please call (916)245-2665 now!

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