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Women, Get Your Groove Back Using Your Own Growth Factors & The PRP Shot for Sexual Health

After we have children or as we age, women can experience a decrease in sex drive. Instead of treating this like a common, curable disease like hypertension or high cholesterol, often times women sweep this issue under the rug and will not talk about it with healthcare professionals. We get it; having a low libido can be embarrassing. Luckily, Dr. Cuber and his Staff at Precision MD in Elk Grove have experience in this little talked about field and are here to help you.

What is the PRP Shot for Sexual Health?

The PRP shot for sexual health is the first non-surgical procedure that helps women of all ages become more orgasmic through the use of careful injections. During your appointment, Dr. Cuber and his Staff will review your symptom concerns and medical history. A numbing cream will be applied to the injection area and your blood will be drawn to prepare the Platelet Rich Plasma. PRP is a special serum derived from your blood by spinning it in a centrifuge; it is your body’s own “liquid gold” that promotes self-healing. Next, your PRP is then re-injected near the clitoris and just inside the vagina. Once injected, the platelets stimulate new cell growth near the injected areas, producing increased sensitivity and more pronounced orgasm.

Can the PRP Shot for Sexual Health Treat Other Female Sexual Health Issues?

In addition to helping you achieve stronger, better, more frequent orgasms, the PRP shot for sexual health is said to help you have younger looking vulva skin, a tighter vaginal opening, increased libido, and can even help with urinary incontinence from childbirth. The best part? It is FDA Approved and affordable.

The PRP shot for sexual health procedure is performed with local anesthetic and Precision MD patients report feeling little to no pain or discomfort during the injections. A typical treatment takes about 30 minutes to complete and patients report feeling significant results within 24 hours. Results typically continue to improve for several weeks following the treatment. Patients may resume their regular routine immediately after the procedure, as there is no downtime.

If regaining control of your sexual health is important to you, seek the PRP shot for sexual health treatment with our team at Precision MD, which is conveniently located in Elk Grove, CA. Contact us today to book a consultation and learn more!

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