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Broadband Light Therapy for Acne Treatment

Few things are as embarrassing as facing the world with skin marred by acne. Fortunately, technology is now on your side if this is a battle you intend to fight in private and not in school pictures, in interviews, at work, or wherever else you need to look your best. For many patients, broadband light therapy is the best acne treatment available, offering an alternative to long-term antibiotics and oral medications such as Accutane. Here’s how it works.

Causes of Acne

Acne is caused by blockages of hair follicle pores. They can be blocked by natural skin components, like oil and dead skin, and environmental elements like dirt; these kinds of clogs are at the root of most acne breakouts. Once hair follicle pores are blocked, they are a breeding ground for bacteria. This leads to overgrowth of bacteria and inflammation, which in turn causes the cysts and red bumps that we all recognize as acne.

Sebaceous glands, the sweat glands, can make the problem even worse, pumping excessive volumes of greasy sebum into the follicles, which are already clogged. At this point, the inflammation gets even worse. Hormones can also influence acne, as can one’s genetic makeup. Of course, most teenagers experience some degree of acne; however, some adults get their first acne long past their teenage years. While acne is not dangerous or life threatening, it can cause permanent harm in the form of scarring and self-confidence. It can also hurt your chances if you’re hoping to be chosen in an audition, or may distract you from focusing on performing well during an interview.

How BBL Treatment Fights Acne

BBL treatment takes on acne in three ways. It produces light in shorter wavelengths, within the blue-light spectrum, to attack acne-producing bacteria in the sebaceous glands and on the surface of the skin. A second, red filter helps to reduce deeper acne lesions and the redness we see in acne. A third filter targets oil production and sebaceous gland activity.

What to Expect from Broadband Light Treatment for Acne

First, a gel will be applied to your skin in a thin layer. The BBL treatment itself will follow, and most treatment sessions last 30 minutes or less. For most patients, discomfort is minimal.

After treatment, some patients experience minimal swelling and temporary reddening of the acne, as it responds to being targeted. The surrounding skin may also show minimal reddening and swelling. However, these responses will persist for no more than one or two days, and are typically associated with minimal downtime, if any. You can even wear makeup right away, if you want to.

For optimal results from laser treatment for acne scars or acne, four treatments in a series, usually every two weeks, is typically optimal, although every patient is different. After that, most patients need touch-up BBL treatments for acne; how often depends on what kind of acne you have, and how severe it is. Expect touch-ups to happen as infrequently as twice a year, or as often as every month.

What to Expect from BBL Acne Scar Treatment

BBL acne scar treatment is very similar to treating acne, but without the need for touchups. Once your series is complete, you will enjoy the look of seeing your skin free of acne scars for good.

BBL Treatments for Acne in Sacramento

BBL therapy is one of the best acne treatments available. Contact Precision MD to find out more about what this breakthrough technology can do for your face and future.

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